Elizabeth Madox Roberts: Essays 
of Reassessment & Reclamation

H.R. Stoneback & Steven Florczyk, editors


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Elizabeth Madox Roberts: Essays of Reassessment & Reclamation
(2008), 335 pages. ISBN 978-1-893239-77-7  $20.00

Wind Publications
600 Overbrook Dr
Nicholasville, KY 40356

This is the first book-length collection of critical essays to deal with the life and work of Elizabeth Madox Roberts. It is also the first book of any kind, in many years, to be devoted to the study of Roberts, and it is the hope of the editors and the many contributors here that this book will serve to redress the neglect of a writer whom we believe to be one of the most important Kentucky — and Southern and American — writers.
The publication of this volume coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Elizabeth Madox Roberts Society, which holds its annual spring conferences at Saint Catharine College (and in Harrodsburg and Springfield, Kentucky). The work of this society has been, as the title of this volume indicates, to reassess and to reclaim a writer who, though widely known and well-regarded by her contemporaries, is little known today.
When her first novel, The Time of Man, appeared in 1926, it was hailed by a national — indeed international — chorus of writers and critics as one of the finest American novels ever. Remarkably, such critical esteem was echoed by great popular success. While neither critical favor nor fame ensures any writer’s canonical endurance, the way that Roberts has fallen off the literary map since her death in 1941 presents a curious case to ponder. It is to be hoped that this volume will contribute to a new cartography, a redrawn map of twentieth-century American literature with Roberts securely placed and located.

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