Fresh-fleshed Sisters
by Normandi Ellis

Fresh-fleshed Sisters       Normandi Ellis

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"Fresh-Fleshed Sisters is a schooner sailing under several flags -- an anthology of dreams and fantasies, myths of North America, parables of the Space Age, love among the ruins. Whatever you call it, it's a deft account of people getting on with the sublime and often messy adventure of living, an assembly of vignettes magically transformed into narratives, frisky and wry, reminding us that the world about us is a compilation of memory seasoned by moments of transcendence, self-revelation, and humor. Normandi Ellis is Eudora Welty migrated north to the uplands."
     --- Richard Taylor,
author of Sue Mundy and Girty

"These quirky, Brautiganesque-little stories are as spring-loaded with comic and tragi-comic surprises as a room full of jack-in-the-boxes, and Normandi Ellis, the prankster in residence, is a genius at concealing the most startling revelations within the most ordinary moments of everyday life. Do come in . . . but watch your step!"
     --- Ed McClanahan,
author of Famous People I Have Known