Head of the Holler
Garry Barker



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Head of the Holler
ISBN 978-1-893239-84-5
149 pages.  $15.00.


Gary Barker is a humorist in the tradition of Andy Griffith and Loyal Jones.  He grew up in Elliott and Fleming Counties of Kentucky, graduated from Berea College, and worked as an arts administrator and writer until he retired from Morehead University. He lives at Bald Hill in Fleming County and is the publisher of the Flemingsburg Gazette.

Garry is the author of ten published books. His "Head of the Holler" newspaper column has run in regional papers since 1988.  This collection of Barker's earlier columns runs the gamut from wry observation to raucous hyperbole. Whether funny or fanciful, angry or sentimental, Barker's writing is always true to his upbringing and clear and refreshing as a mountain stream.
"Gary Barker's exceptional reverence for the language, humor and folkways of Eastern Kentucky are masterfully blended in his Head of the Holler collection. I was first drawn to Garry Barker when I heard that he'd nearly been kicked out of a college English course because he could not pronounce 'dead' as a one-syllable word.... Only writers who truly know and love Appalachia from the ground up can authentically celebrate its colorful language.... Jesse Stuart was a master of the craft, and so is Garry Barker."
             --- Byron Crawford