Goodbye Lake Huron
A pastor's personal struggle with grief


by Don Lichtenfelt — a memoir

Goodbye Lake Huron    by Don Lichtenfelt

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Goodbye Lake Huron
Paperback: 302 pages, $18.00
Publisher: Wind Publications, 2013
ISBN-10:   1936138638
ISBN-13:   978-1936138630

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Wind Publications
600 Overbrook Dr
Nicholasville, KY 40356

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Tracing the thread of suffering and grief through his own life, the author weaves the tapestry of his encounters with the grief and suffering of his parishioners.
In this collection of reminiscing essays, Don Lichtenfelt reveals a dimension of ministry that would be significant reading for any who grieve and those who contemplate entering the parish ministry. Reading this memoir made me mindful of the creative power of reminiscence in revisiting life experiences.
Dr. Wayne H. Bell, President Emeritus, Lexington Theological Seminary
As it reveals the writer, a memoir at its best becomes so intensely personal that it attains the universal by reaching deep within the reader. Don Lichtenfelt has written such a memoir, opening up himself and his ministry to grieving people (including his own grief), in ways that I found profoundly moving. He is also a fine storyteller, enlivening a fascinating narrative and finding humor in dark places of our lives.
Dr. Richard Wood, Dean Emeritus, Yale University Divinity School, President Emeritus, Earlham College
Don Lichtenfelt has written a compelling memoir about his life as a United Methodist minister during the last half of the 20th Century. In a voice that moves gracefully from stories of joy to grief, he reminds the reader of Jennifer Worth’s Call the Midwife or James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small. His powerful prose does what few writers are able to do—he allows us into the secret corners of his heart and makes us care.
Georgia Green Stamper, Author of You Can Go Anywhere and Butter in the Morning
Don Lichtenfelt has written a compassionate and compelling memoir of what it means to be a pastor for forty years. Goodbye Lake Huron gives ministers, pastoral counselors and other caregivers insights as to how one man traversed a life of challenge in his personal life as he continued to serve his congregations with grace and courage. Your heart will be stirred again and again as you read Don’s stories.
Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson, Writer, Speaker, Counselor