Live Like Larry


by Denny Trease



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Live Like Larry
ISBN 978-1-893239-85-2
81 pages.  $15.00.

Too often today, our heroes wear brightly colored uniforms with their names across the back and do elaborate dances in the end zone to call even more attention to themselves. Not so with Larry Turner. This is the story of a man who never sought attention for himself, a quiet gentle man of great intellect who triumphed over many personal hardships while working selflessly for the benefit of others.
Larry Turner, who perished in the 2006 crash of flight 5191 at Lexington's Bluegrass Field, grew up on an Indiana farm.  He became a respected leader in his community, church, and profession.  He was associate dean for extension in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and director of its Cooperative Extension Service.  Nationally recognized as a leader in areas such as community development, fine arts, health education, youth development and family studies, he was also an inspirational teacher and research scientist in the field of agricultural engineering.

From the book ---

"Larry could relate to somebody with an eighth grade education as well as he could relate to somebody with a Ph.D., and I guess more importantly, he treated them all the same. Everyone was equal to him. He treated everybody with dignity and respect. And I think thatís why he was such a great leader. He would set an example. He cared and you knew he cared. He listened, and he had great ideas after he listened. . . .

"You know how farmers like to make straight rows in their fields. They take real pride in that. Well, dad would always say, ĎTo do that, you gotta keep your eye on the horizon. You canít be looking back all the time or youíll get crooked. If you keep looking ahead, youíll be okay, and your rows will be straight.í Thatís what Larry would want. Heíd want us to keep looking ahead and have hope for the future."
      --- Wayne Turner, Larry's brother