You may have seen Steven Hammond on Oprah, Geraldo, or
Sally Jessy Raphael's TV show.  Now you can read his complete story in

Looking Beyond the Mountains

by Steven Hammond
with an introduction by Gurney Norman

Steven Hammond

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Looking Beyond the Mountains
(2007) 136 pages, $15.00
ISBN  978-1-893239-71-5

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Looking Beyond the Mountains is a remarkable account of how Linda Jean Hammond became Steven Hammond after surgery to correct a genital birth defect.

Labeled female at birth, Steven Hammond lived for 25 years as a female -- a boy imprisoned in the trappings of a girl.

This is the remarkable story of the life of Linda Jean and the birth of Steven at age 25.

Preface from the book ---

Nobody knew what gender I was. For the first twenty-five years of my life I lived as a female.

This is the story of a baby who was born with a birth defect of the genitalia, and who was incorrectly identified by the attending physician as a female. I was sent home from the hospital to be raised as Linda Jean Hammond.

Being born into the world as a normal, healthy child carries its share of challenges. However, being raised as a female while suffering the confusion caused by my male needs and desires was an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Genital birth defects are not understood or accepted by society as well as other kinds of physical abnormalities. Too often there is a stigma placed on those who suffer from such defects and conditions. Society often puts these persons into a single broad sexual category, resulting in mistreatment or abuse due to prejudice and lack of understanding. Humiliation, cruelty, fear, confusion, and emotional stress cause many of those affected to go into hiding, concealing problems for which help is possible.

I hope that my story will encourage those suffering from sexual defects to seek appropriate professional assistance, and that the readers of this book will be enlightened and develop a deeper understanding and compassion for those born different from themselves.