Steam in the Heart: Life and Times
Along the Morehead & North Fork Rails

Fred Brown, Jr.


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Steam in the Heart: Life and Times Along the Morehead & North Fork Rails
ISBN 978-1-893239-79-1 (hardcover)
176 pages.   $22.00

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During the first half of the 20th century, before the era of automobiles and interstate highways, railroads were the life-blood of the country. They carried passengers and commerce to every corner of the nation. In Morehead, Kentucky, plans were made as early as 1891 for a railroad to link Morgan County’s coal fields with the C&O Railroad at Morehead. The Morehead Advance said, “[This railroad] will make [Morehead] the queen bee of the mountain cities of Eastern Kentucky.” 
The Rowan County communities of Farmers, Rockville, Egypt, Bronston, Brady, Morehead, Rodbourn and Eadston were already shipping wood products including ties, staves, shingles, broom handles, tan bark, spokes, timber, kegwood, barrelheads and lumber on two short lines --- the Triplett & Big Sandy and the Kentucky Northern.  Lumber mills in these communities employed between 500-1,000 men, no small number in a county of slightly over 6,000 population. 

In 1906 the Morehead & North Fork Railway linked with the C&O in Morehead and the town soon replaced Farmers as the commercial and industrial center of the region.