To Find a Birdsong
by Billy C. Clark

To Find a Birdsong     Billy C. Clark     Billy Clark
Illustrations by Elizabeth Ellison

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The Great Spirit gave the god Nanabozho dominion over the land of the Algonquin, but not over its waters. Warned by the Great Spirit of a coming flood, Nanabozho built a great raft to ride out the deluge. Part legend, part fable, this is the story of how Nanabozho saved the muskrats, and how a wise old muskrat at last found his land of birdsong. 

In an appendix, Clark tells the fascinating story of his early life along the river and how it affected the genesis of this book. To Find a Birdsong first began to form in the mind of a young boy of less than ten years of age as he ran his trap lines along the Big Sandy near Catlettsburg. The story neared its final form while Billy Clark was a student at the University of Kentucky in the 1950's. Now, after years of honing, as one might a long narrative poem, the story is ready for telling. Gather the family, as the people once gathered in a long-ago time around a campfire, and listen. . . . 

Billy C. Clark began publishing short stories while a student at the University of Kentucky in the 1950's. In 1960 his widely praised autobiography, A Long Row to Hoe, was published. Time Magazine called the extraordinary story "as authentically American as Huckleberry Finn" and one of Time's best books of the year.