Felt Along the Blood
New and Selected Poems

by Harry Brown
edited and with a foreword by Steven R. Cope

Harry Brown, Felt Along the Blood

ISBN 1893239489   $14.00.  

Wind Publications
600 Overbrook Dr
Nicholsville, KY 40356

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These are poems that delight, instruct, and guide. Filled with twists and turns, lush with detail, they go beyond the anecdotal, evolving into chiseled gems of truth, lovely yet razor-sharp in their insights. A distinctly original voice, Harry Brown shows us that even the most common things are works of art, little miracles of wonder.
         —Gwyn Rubio

Some poets court the Muse; others she seems to have sought out, accosted abruptly, and recruited. I have imagined Harry Brown standing in a pasture, looking about idly, until startled at hearing a Voice say, "Write about the weathered stump. Set it down about the cow. Use the words you know. Don’t bother to lie." The result has been a body of work that gives strong meaning to the phrase body of work. Grainy, pungent, assertive, rough-humored, and deeply honest, the poems in Felt Along the Blood possess integrities as unyielding as the world they inhabit. The Muse must be proud; she ought to be.
          —Fred Chappell

These poems, both accumulated and new, are like seeds on snow. They percolate, respond to weather. They melt on the page, blossom in the mind.
          —Richard Taylor