Breathing in Darkness
by Ted Olson

An insightful collection of poems attentive to the natural world, 
the human heart, and life's light and dark places.



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Here's what other poets have said about Ted Olson's poetry:

"The spare, distilled poems in Breathing in Darkness have in them both the beauty and the dread of being. These excellent poems are 'deep in life,' in D. H. Lawrence's phrase, and they take the racing pulse both of the self and of the world"
--Richard Wilbur

"The understatement of glancing away reveals the core solidity and profundity of these poems."
--A. R. Ammons

"The poems in Breathing in Darkness spark quick moments of insight, surprise. Olsonís taut lyrics evoke a life, a world. Alert to both familiar detail and wider context, Olson sees the drama in the daily event, and the significance of the larger perspective. These are poems of families, of fathers and the complex stories of fathers and sons, as well as the vexed history of the American South. They are also poems of a lover, of the bonds that connect us, the painful and thrilling bonds we live by."
--Robert Morgan

"There are many moments of enlightenment in this beautifully alert collection of poems. It's heartening to see a poet of Olson's generation not only this attentive both to the natural world and his own processes of feeling and thought, but capable of using language to bring us, carefully and colorfully, what he finds there."
--Michael Dennis Browne

"The poems in Breathing in Darkness show an exceptional attentiveness to both the natural world and the complexities of the human heart. I enjoyed these poems very much."
--Ron Rash

"The spirit of elegy taps its knuckle on the transparent surface of Olson's language, and when the poem has your attention it directs it toward the mysterious and encompassing business of the natural world. The intelligence at work here is at the same moment austere and tender, remote and intimate; its signal grief longs not to complain but to sing. Breathing in Darkness is clean, able work, a new voice worth listening to. I hope this book gets read."
--James Baker Hall