CROW! -- The Children's Poems

by Steven R. Cope

          Illustrations by Julie Baumgardner.

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Crow! -- The Children's Poems, 136 pages, 
Hardcover, $25.00.
Softcover, $15.00.

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About Steven R. Cope

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More than 200 poems to delight, entertain, and educate youngsters from 6 to 90 years.

"If Wordsworth met up with Dr. Seuss somewhere in eastern Kentucky, and setting out to write poems together, they ran smack dab into James Still and Ogden Nash, you might end up with something as funny, surprising, and generally delightful as Crow !" 
---Anne Shelby

Steven Cope's poems answer a great many burning questions of schoolyard social circles:  What is an elephat? How do you locate a giant? And, neither last not least in this rollicking, quirky work, how did Miss Tawdry come to be blue--ALL OVER? 
     ---Julie Maruskin

Steven Cope's Crow ! is a cornucopia of verses with meters as crisp as the illustrations that accompany them. Here are children's poems without the pablum. Wit, good humor, surprise, and vivid wordplay reign.... What a broad and deep pleasure to dip into again and again.  
     ---Richard Hague

Some short selections from Crow !  ---


      Sometimes the dumbest of the lot
      Will tell you plain what God forgot
      And looking wisely into space
      Reveal the mustard on his face.


      Papaw had a sweetheart
      He loved with all his might,
      And when he called her "Poodle,"
      I knew it was all right.


      Papaw got baptised in a pond
      While Mamaw on the bank looked on,
      And all the angels in the trees
      Amen'd when they heard Papaw sneeze.