More Adventures from the Cornfield
Steven R. Cope

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Straight from the Old Crow himself, here is another book of poetic wisdom for children of all ages —

One day as an old crow was traversing the heavens, he beheld a strange sight indeed. All of a sudden there appeared between him and the sun a gigantic swarm of bees, and they hovered there quite ominously. As the old crow puzzled over this event, the swarm of bees and how they hovered there unreasonably long and what such a thing might portend, a shadow fell on the fields below him. Chickens went to roost in the trees. Birds settled into the nearest branch and cuddled up with other birds already perched there. All the cows and sheep and horses began to yawn and to turn themselves toward their barns. A coyote set to howling. A dog set to yipping. And the air grew so thick and dark and gloomy over and under the old crow that he wished to goodness he had brought his flashlight. “This is a strange occurrence indeed,” the old crow mused to himself, though he was a very wise and well-travelled crow and had seen some considerably strange things in his time. “I would be remiss if I did not check it out. But oh where is my flashlight!” And so saying, the old crow rummaged in vain beneath his wing, finding nothing but this book of poems.


About A Book Named Crow

About a book named Crow
The book will say much better
Than I could ever hope to 
In a preface or a letter.

I wrote it for the kids
But if some granny reads it
I bet the feathers on my tail
She’s also one who needs it.


Ain’t No One Like My Mother

Ain’t no one like my mother.
I’m glad she’s not another.
Other mothers mother fine—
I guess it must be by design—
But if I had my druthers,
I’d pick mine over others.

Ain’t no one like my dad
And if I could have had
Any daddy on the lot 
I’d say I’ll keep the one I got
Cause he can blaze a trail—
And tell a taller tale.