The Frogville Skits
A Dozen Soggy Froggy Plays for Children

by Steven R. Cope
Illustrations by Julie Baumgardner


I envision kids from everywhere, in their little froggy outfits, performing these skits for their parents and peers. I envision much joy and laughter as the little actors bring the froggies to life. I envision them learning of the theatre, of stage presence, of props and productions, and moving on then, with a little more confidence and assurance, to greater and higher things. But if such a production is not possible, I have endeavored to keep the scripts simple enough to be read and enjoyed by even our youngest readers. 
                    Steven R. Cope

Poet, musician, songwriter, novelist, spinner of fables and tall tales now the versatile Cope is a playwright as well. 

Like characters in a medieval morality play, the frogs in The Frogville Skits are named for their ruling passions: Angry Fro, Crazy Fro. They are beset by the dangers of modern society rock music, video games and yet, under the guidance of Elder Fro, they always manage to solve their problems through cooperation and love. The book is charmingly illustrated with line-drawings by Julie Baumgardner, but these plays beg to escape the page and come to life. Children will revel in acting out these simple dramas which encourage costuming, clowning and physical acting... Writing for both children and adults, Steve Cope is a modern-day Aesop with a twist. Whether his fables revolve around Clover, The Mad Reverend, Crow, Furrbawl, or Happy and Sad Fro, Cope writes from the uneasy intersection between modern civilization and the natural world. He views all human and animal kind with humor and a gentle, deep compassion,
                    Sherry Chandler