The Garden Girls' Letters and Journal
A memoir by Laverne Zabielski

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Marriage. Sex. Parenting. Art. Drugs. Illness. Friendship. Feminism. Laverne Zabielski addresses these private and public issues head-on in her memoir of a life lived outside the margins of mainstream culture. She seduces (and sometimes surprises) her readers with the intensity of her commitment to candid story-telling.
— Dianne Aprile, author of The Things We Don't Forget: Views from Real Life.

The sensuality and eroticism of Garden Girls filled me like the succulent juices of a ripe orange. I didn’t feel like I was reading. I felt like I was sucking in the creative power and wonder of life at its most intimate moments, without losing sight of the weeds and poison ivy spreading across the backyard. The Garden Girls touches on something sacred, on the deepest place of intimacy that dwells in a woman’s body. Every man and woman, with or without a garden, should touch and taste this book.
— George Getschow, former bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal

Part desire, part self help, part confession, The Garden Girls is a glorious exploration of the gardens of all our lives. From the wisdom of Sage to the sensuality of Fuchsia, this rare book taps the sacred mystique of what it is to be mother, daughter, lover, woman.
— Crystal Wilkinson author of Water Street and Blackberries, Blackberries.

In the spirit of Virginia Woolf and Tillie Olsen, The Garden Girls tells the story of one woman's courageous journey toward artistic flowering. Revealed through the writer's real life journal and the letters of the garden girls Laverne Zabielski conjures, the book is at times witty, at times anguishing, at times beguiling. Zabielski's path is perilous as she wends her way through the break up of a marriage, the hazards of working class life, the paralysis of a beloved son, and the thousand censors facing the woman writer and artist with children and husband and extended community. Ultimately Zabielski triumphs, not because of her arrival but because of the company she offers herself and the reader on her journey.
—Elaine Orr author of Gods of Noonday, A White Girl's African Life.

The Garden Girls rings with hard won wisdom. This book is, by turns, heartbreaking and triumphant. Every page surprises, delights, and offers moments of profound self-reflection. Reading the Garden Girls is like stepping into a world of truth, beauty, and sorrow made whole by magic. Laverne Zabielski has written a moving and important memoir, one that every woman should read.
—Connie May Fowler, author of The Problem with Murmur Lee and
Before Women had Wings