Home Call -- A Novel of Kentucky
by Bob Sloan

     Home Call -- A Novel of Kentucky

Home Call,
205 pages, ISBN 1893239306, 
softcover, $15.00.
Jesse Suratt has come home to his family's Appalachian farm after traveling the world with Uncle Sam's Yachting Club.  Due to a traumatic incident when he was a teen, he strives to be a recluse, shunning the community, living with only the company of his dog and a cantankerous mule. But fate and the community have other plans for him.

Drug dealers, with the help of the local sheriff, are growing marijuana on the mountain behind Jesse's home.  When Jesse interferes to prevent the murder of a young woman he finds himself in a struggle for his life.
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Home Call is available at bookstores, on-line from Amazon.com, or directly from the publisher.
Praise for
Home Call ---
Home Call
is a fascinating, old fashioned yarn in an intensely modern setting. Sloan is a master of the unpredictable and his skillfully drawn characters draw you deeply into their lives whether you want to be there or not. This is a fine read. 
--- Jim Harrison
(author of Legends of the Fall and Dalva)
Home Call
is an important and original look at contemporary Appalachia. Sloan doesn't pull any punches and bravely exposes both the beauty and the pain of living in a world that is caught up in the complexities of honoring the past but also moving forward into unknown territory. This is an Appalachia that readers haven't seen yet, and it's about time they did. 
--- Silas House
(author of Clay's Quilt and Parchment of Leaves)

Home Call is not only a great read with an intricate plot, but it tackles in a quiet yet powerful way the stereotypes of the solitary Mountain Man, the small-minded, racist Southerner, and the "ignorant redneck," replacing them with real-life, multidimensional characters.
--- Appalachian Heritage
Readers will be haunted by some of what they encounter in Sloan's Hawkes County. They will be heartened also. And most important, they will be deeply entertained.
-- Lexington Herald-Leader

About Bearskin to Holly Fork, Bob Sloan's collection of short stories---
Bob Sloan is a downright fine storyteller and his collection Bearskin to Holly Fork: Stories from Appalachia finds him at his best. Resplendent with the smell and taste and sight and sound of Appalachia, the book is also brimming with humanity. This is kick-ass good work.
                           --- Robert Olen Butler

The whole Appalachian community of Midland, Kentucky, comes to life in this fine debut collection of tough, true stories, each one hard and dark as a lump of coal. Bob Sloan’s straight, plain prose style is perfectly suited to his characters and their lives. . . .  Whether things work out for his characters or not, realist Bob Sloan makes us care about them all, writing in plain honest prose without a trace of sentimentality.
                           --- Lee Smith

We write about what we know. Bob Sloan knows as much about his characters as anyone writing today. These are wistful, comical, straight-ahead stories that fall from the pen the way leaves fall from trees; some cosmic force helping them find their place.
                           --- Tom T. Hall

Bob Sloan's work is attracting serious attention nationally.
Bob's commentaries, which regularly appear on Kentucky Public Radio member stations, were recognized with a 2000 PRNDI award from the National Professional Association of Public Radio News Directors.
National Public Radio's Morning Edition  began featuring some of those commentaries in 2001.
Bob's Morning Edition pieces can be heard as RealAudio Files here, and samples of his work for Kentucky Public Radio can be heard or downloaded as MP3 files at WMKY-FM,  Morehead State University's "Public Radio to the Mountains."

    Bob Sloan -- author of Bearskin to Holly Fork: Stories from Appalachia
               Bob Sloan

Bob Sloan has written and narrated three sixty-minute "audio books."  Aunt Ethel's Plumbing and Other Tales contains some of his radio commentaries, as well as some poetry and an unabridged reading of one of his short stories. Haunted Hills is an hour of previously uncollected contemporary ghost tales, and Stories I Never Told My Mother  are a bit racier  (but no stronger than PG).  He's also the co-author and narrator of Valley of the Shadow, a history of the Rowan County War, the bloodiest and least known of Kentucky's mountain feuds. All four cassette tapes may be ordered directly from Bob, and are available at several Kentucky bookstores. Bob's collection of short stories, Bearskin to Holly Fork, was published in 2003.

Check out what Bob's been up to lately at bobsloansampler.com.

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Home Call is available at bookstores, on-line from Amazon.com, or directly from the publisher.

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