In Some Households the King is Soul

by Harry Brown


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What a broad and colorful spectrum of tones, approaches, and subjects Harry Brown presents in this, his latest and best collection.  In Some Households The King Is Soul offers sharp, quick-witted epigrams and also sumptuously dressed, minutely observed poems about aspects of nature that other poets studiously avoid. But no matter what approach he takes, this poet's tough-and-tender spirit speaks in a language so intent on truth you feel his poems are gazing at you from the page with steady, friendly eyes. Harry Brown the man is one with his book and both are admirable equally.
                                                                                — Fred Chappell

One of the distinct pleasures of Harry Brown's poems is the great range of forms and voices, from the sparks of wit and insight in the classical art of the epigram, the haiku-like sequences of asides on the stress and storms of the everyday, brightened and strengthened by rhyme, to the much longer portraits and narratives and dramatic pieces. I admire the irreverent reverence in the poems, the wonderful sense of connection and community, the self-searching meditations and wry celebrations of the rural, in a unique combination of the experimental with old-fashioned country idiom and wisdom.
                                                                                — Robert Morgan

Harry Brown’s poems are endowed with the certainty of prayer. Playful yet thoughtful, Brown tells us the truth about things. He is not afraid to ask the tough questions, hurling himself into a search for the answers, taking his readers along with him, inspiring them to ask questions of their own.
                                                        — Gwyn Rubio