Kaffir Lily

poems by Bianca Spriggs

Kaffir Lily     poetry

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The overlooked, the forgotten and the familiar are all here, transformed in the crucible of Spriggs' imagination. The poems are carefully made, deeply felt. This is a book of gems, needing to be read.
--- David Cazden, poetry editor of Miller's Pond magazine, author of Moving Picture

In her stunning debut Kaffir Lily, Bianca Spriggs shines an unflinching light on every surface a woman flaunts and celebrates her nakedness beneath a fur's caress, slurps butter from her lover's fingers, unleashes her rollicking and murderous 'fro to wreak terror on the unsuspecting citizenry of Kentucky. Forging an aggressive signature that is deftly crafted, insightful and often achingly lyrical, Bianca's next step should be to steel herself for an onslaught of attention and critical acclaim.
--- Patricia Smith, author of Teahouse of the Almighty and Blood Dazzler

This debut collection introduces Spriggs as the new standard bearer for the Affrilachian Poets.
--- Frank X Walker, editor of PLUCK!, author of Black Box and When Winter Come

Bianca Spriggs is Events Coordinator for the Lexington Art League and a freelance instructor of composition, literature, and creative writing.  She received a B.A. in History from Transylvania University and her M.A. in English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Bianca was the recipient of the Sophia Danielle Arnold scholarship fund and is a certified Workshop Trainer through the Empowerment Institute founded by David Gershon and Gail Straub. 

A self-proclaimed, "arts enthusiast," Bianca has performed and faciliated artist enrichment workshops across the U.S.  She is the creator and programmer of the Gypsy Poetry Slam featured annually at the Kentucky Women Writers Conference. 

For more information see BiancaSpriggs.com