Peril, Kentucky

Joseph G. Anthony

Joe, Joseph Anthony, eastern kentucky, peril


ISBN 1893239454   $15.00.  

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Peril, Kentucky is a tale of modern-day Appalachia. It is the story of an outsider, employed as an instructor at a community college in the shadow of the coal mining industry. Having followed her fiancé to the eastern Kentucky town of Peril, she finds herself striving to become a member of a community in a state of flux. After a tragic incident involving one of her adult students, she finds peace not in the community's acceptance of her, but in her acceptance of the community. While this theme may sound familiar, Joe Anthony's forthright narrative and deft handling of the characters' relationships is refreshing and continually leads the reader on to the next page and to a deeper understanding of Appalachian and human nature.

A complex, insightful tale that lets no one off easy.
         — George Ella Lyon

Joe Anthony is a poet, philosopher, and fictionist who had the consummate bravado to leave the Byzantine culture in New York to come to an even more complex one of Appalachia and then write about it with passion and compassion. As I have read his creative writing over the years, I have observed his sharp eyes, well tuned ears, and talented voice as he has transformed what he has witnessed into brilliant writing.
        — James B. Goode