Persistence of Vision
by C. Lynn Shaffer
with an introduction by John Drury


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Persistence of Vision
ISBN 978-1-893239-72-2,  $15.00

Wind Publications
600 Overbrook Dr
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Persistence of Vision earned Lynn Shaffer the Morehead State University New Writers Award, presented by a committee of faculty members from the Department of English, Foreign Languages and Philosophy, and writers from the community.

"In poems touching and true, Lynn Shaffer opens the lens of her imagination on the ways memory and the camera reveal and hide our tangled lives. From the Vietnam War to the Shroud of Turin, Shaffer's work shows us that the "history of darkness" is always bound up with the history of light." 
--- Michelle Boisseau
"Throughout this album of luminous poems, these takes on the marvelous and the mundane, there is an 'understanding / that darkness draws the eye to light.' Poetry may come from pain, but it must give pleasure -- and does abundantly in Shaffer’s sharply focused, patiently developed, calmly visionary poems."
--- John Drury
"From a veteran's scrapbook to the Shroud of Turin, C. Lynn Shaffer zooms in on the places where documentation and mystery intersect. Her focus is sharp, her craft subtle and unobtrusive. In sensitive, moving character studies, Persistence of Vision lays open both the radiance and the shadows of the human heart." 
--- Don Bogen