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Sonnets from Sourwood

by Billy C. Clark

One of the South's most beloved authors once again writes to us from the village of Sourwood, a locale of the heart, as he presents a collection of sharply observed impressions of Appalachia.
A Billy Clark poem—any Billy Clark poem—is as solid and honest and American as a block of Kentucky hickory that has been transformed by a master whittler into something that is more than itself, but is still magnificently a part of nature. No poet living works closer to the truth of things, or is a gentler handler of the wild language of love and loss and memory. 
— Charles McCarry
Billy C. Clark's work, be it prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, is indelible upon the memory and upon the literary mores of this era. With grace and talent, this Kentucky-bred author has distinguished himself, his native state, and the realm of letters by his vivid writing. 
— Dr. Howard B. Gotlieb Director, Special Collections, Boston University
Billy C. Clark's poems come from the heart—the heart of the mountains, the heart of nature, the heart of a man who loves both with an intensity that rises from his work like the mists in the hollows up behind Catlettsburg. Clark's poems sing a simple song beautifully. 
— Joseph Galloway
One of the ablest local color writers of our time. 
— Publishers Weekly
Probably no living writer has his knowledge of the Ohio River Country. 
— World Almanac