Tobacco: A Literary Anthology
Edited by Edmund August


Tobacco--A Literary Anthology
137 pages, ISBN 1893239225, $14.00.

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Barbara Barron 
Terena Elizabeth Bell
Laura Treacy Bentley
Matt Birkenhauer
Fairleigh Brooks
Susan Christerson Brown
Reid Bush
Mary Ann Carrico-Mitchell
Sherry Chandler 
Rae Cobbs
William Galbraith
Harry Gieg
Mark Griffin
Wade Hall
Willow Hambrick 
Ron Houchin 
Charlie Hughes
Trish Lindsay Jaggers
Angela Jenkins
Carridder M. Jones
Leatha Kendrick 
Harriet Leach
Susan McNeese Lynch
Jennings Mace 
Karen Mann 
Rebecca Meacham
Cassondra Murray
Mary O’Dell
Mary Popham
Lynn Pruett
Victoria Rose
Alberta Waddle Rutter
Georgia Green Stamper
Mary Strench
Lucinda Sullivan
Richard Taylor
Jamie Griggs Tevis
Frank X Walker 
Georgia Wallace
Janece Walters-Cook
Robin Whitehouse
Kathy Riley Williams
Miriam Woolfolk 
Marianne Worthington


           Tobacco: A Literary Anthology.  Edited by Edmund August.

A project of the Kentucky Writers Coalition, here is a collection of stories, poems, and essays which explore the role of tobacco in the economy, culture, and mythology of Kentucky and the tobacco-growing region.

Excerpt from the book---

Elegy for Smoke 
  -- by Ron Houchin

There was a time when some cared
how much smoke weighed.

Leaning on the rail of the Caspe,
a sailor packed a clay pipe

with Virginia burley and conjured white wisps
with a match. Almost every day

in the mouth of the Saint Lawrence dragged
on white caps and the odd canoe.

North America was on fire.
Indians and French trappers curled up

around fire and slept to music
of smoke threefourths of the year.

We've had a long marriage with smoke and fire.
Those parts of tobacco, coal, oil, and, wood

not completely combustible
turn into something like fog

with a body. We don't love them
as we did when smoke was like prayer.

I had a marriage once: brown skin
that showed when unwrapped and set on fire.

Everything became rosy white and took
my breath away. It never came back.


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